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Join us as we raise $50,000 to equip more leaders in 2023

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Pastors in developing countries can’t leave their congregations to attend a seminary, even if they could afford it.

Most have no formal theological training. When leaders urgently need equipping but have no way to get it, they are left feeling helpless, unable to serve God effectively.

We believe every leader of God’s Church can fulfill their calling when they have access to practical ministry training.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve provided affordable digital solutions to the developing world.

We’ve seen firsthand how leaders’ lives and ministries are transformed when they are given relevant ministry tools that fit their cultural context. Now, more than 1.2 million people are touched through these ongoing efforts each year.

Helping Leaders Add Competence to Calling

We Resource the Global Church in Three Major Ways:

Online Bible College

We train pastors through a fully-automated online Bible College, with 1,000 students enrolled at a time.

Discipleship Training Materials

We provide free discipleship training materials through our network of websites, ebooks, and radio broadcasting.

Sharing Best Practices

We equip other organizations with best practices for digital ministry, both as consultants and founders of various forums.

Through your generosity, we can train more leaders than ever before.

We need a total of $50,000 to fund our programs & projects for 2023

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